MDI VIRTUAL expo 2020

MDI Expo 2020 is the first and only virtual event in Israel, for the medical devices community, as a flexible, quick, and quality answer for these challenging times. When we can't meet face to face, we can, and should, meet in the virtual space, on a high quality, and inclusive platform, that enables an immersive experience for all participants.
Meet & interact with hundreds of Israeli medical devices professionals from all fields and aspects of the industry;
Global companies, local companies & startups, local R&D offices of multinational companies, labs and universities.
MDI Expo events are produced by MDI – The Israeli Medical Devices Portal.


לפני שאתה עוזב, אל תשכח להרשם לסוכן החכם וקבל ישירות למייל את המשרות החמות והמתאימות לך ביותר!

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